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#1 - Tomato pasta with basil

A dish symbol of the Italian cuisine, with the typical ingredients: spaghetti, tomato and basil. Spaghetti with tomato sauce is an institution, simple but not easy. The secret is to find the perfect balance of flavors, the right creaminess, and sweetness, starting from the choice of tomato.

#2 - Pasta Carbonara

It seems that the first Carbonara was made in a trattoria in Vicolo della Scrofa street, hence the name of the alley, in 1944. The most reliable story in fact tells the meeting between the ingredients available to American soldiers and the imagination of a Roman cook. The result was the prototype of spaghetti alla carbonara: eggs, bacon (later guanciale) and cheese.

#3 - Pesto Pasta

Pesto, the cornerstone of Ligurian cuisine, is a very versatile sauce and always very appreciated on the table. Pesto releases all the goodness and freshness enclosed in basil leaves, creating a creamy sauce that enhances the good flavors and colors of Mediterranean cuisine!

#4 - Pasta with seafood

The Italian tradition of seafood cuisine boasts many important recipes such as "spaghetti alle vongole" (spaghetti with clams) or sautè of mussels and clams up to regional delicacies such as "brodetto fanese" (fish soup) just to mention a few. There are countless versions of this delicacy, we propose ours, with clams and mussels together with the delicious meat of scampi!

#5 - Pasta with sardines

The taste of Sicily in an iconic traditional recipe: pasta with sardines! The rustic taste of blue fish meets the intense aroma of wild fennel and saffron, to which is added the crunchy note of pine nuts and the sweet and sour note of raisins.

#6 - Orecchiette with broccoli and sausage

Orecchiette with broccoli and sausage are a really tasty first course that sees together two ingredients often matched in a winning way: broccoli and sausage, here combined with orecchiette, an ideal pasta format that embrace the rich sauce, for its texture and the typical shell shape. With the recipe of orecchiette with broccoli and sausage you will also be able to make this vegetable taste in an appetizing way to those who usually do not appreciate it

#7 - Spaghetti chitarra with meatball

These are egg pasta spaghetti (also known as macaroni or tonnarelli) that have the typical square section that distinguishes them, made with a wooden frame on which metal wires are attached that resemble a guitar. The dressing of these spaghetti is a very tasty mixed meat sauce that requires a long cooking and is enriched with very small beef meatballs1

#8 - Spaghetti with Caviar

Spaghetti with Caviar is a refined first course, suitable for special occasions. Because of its bitter taste, caviar is not liked by everyone, but the butter and cream gives it that sweetness that will make anyone who tastes the dish fall in love with it. So if you are looking for something very refined and with a fine palate, do not miss this recipe.

#9 - Chickpea paste with chives and almonds pesto

Chickpea paste with chives and almonds pesto, this is the first time that we at Etherpasta want to offer a chickpea-flavored pasta. A look into the future to celebrate the first 10 mint of our collection. The pungent and intense taste will slip into your palates to delight you to the fullest.

#10 - Pasta rigatoni with zucchini and shrimps

Pasta rigatoni with zucchini and shrimps is that first course where many different flavors of land and sea meet. A truly unique recipe, delicious and simple in preparation. A first course that has now become part of traditional Mediterranean cuisine